Autonomy Plus – Haresfield

About Haresfield

Autonomy Plus Haresfield Lacock WiltshireHaresfield is a specialist residential service for young people aged 8 – 18 with learning disabilities and complex needs based in the Wiltshire countryside near Chippenham.

Our home has 5 en-suite bedrooms with both genders able to access the service. Individual needs are at the centre of our practice, and we listen and respond to the children’s voice when planning their care. Achieving positive outcomes for the young people is paramount in our work.

All children and young people are respected as individuals and are encouraged to express their views and wishes. We believe all children/young people have the right to make choices and be consulted with, whatever their level of understanding or methods of communication, so that their views are heard, and they can influence what happens to them and the environment they live in.

We adhere to a holistic approach in supporting the children and young people that live at Haresfield and promote access to a broad range of recreational and leisure activities, nutritious food, and seek to promote and maximise individual’s strengths as well as considering their needs.

We provide a homely environment where our young people can grow and flourish as they are prepared for life beyond Haresfield and the transition into adult services.

Our team

Haresfield has a well-trained staff team who are committed to the young people and act as positive adult role models. Training is tailored around the needs of the young people and quality training informs the support packages we offer.

Our structure includes a manager and deputy, three senior care workers and 6 support workers with 3 waking night staff and a team of 3 bank staff.

The staff team form strong relationships with families, social workers, schools and other significant people in the young people’s lives and work collaboratively with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we support.

Continuity is very important to everyone at Haresfield and we have a non-agency use policy apart from in exceptional circumstances.

Our ethos

  • We have an emphasis on fun and learning through play.
  • We treat each young person as an individual and therefore build their support packages around their specific needs.
  • We minimise physical intervention by getting to know the children in detail, responding positively to desired behaviours and pre-empting any areas of conflict, and minimising them by regularly reviewing our comprehensive positive behaviour support plans.

What people say about us

Over the years we have enjoyed a variety of positive feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.
Our most recent feedback gathered in October 2018 from professionals and families was extremely positive with a 97% overall satisfaction rating.

Comments include:

All Haresfield staff at meetings are very eager to help and are prepared with suitable questions and information

Social worker

Care workers are very skilled and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times


There is an excellent balance between creating a happy and safe environment and being prepared to reward good behaviour as well as point out inappropriate behaviour which results in a withdrawal of privileges


Haresfield is the perfect place for E with lots of space and lots to do


Friendly and knowledgeable about the young person in professional meetings

Social Worker


We are rated ‘good’ by Ofsted and in our most recent inspection in November 2018 there were no requirements and all recommendations have subsequently been actioned.

To discuss how our services can help with your needs contact us:
Head Office: Telephone: on 01225 613010 Haresfield: Telephone: on 01249 730177
or Email: via our Contact Page.