Autonomy Care – Support at home

Support at home

Regardless of age or impairment, we all want to have as much control as we can over our life.

At Autonomy, we are here to serve your interests and wishes. You will be at the centre of all we do with you.

We will never change anything without asking you first or letting you know in advance if it is something beyond our control.

We work with children, adults with disability or mental ill health and older people, including those with dementia.

“Many thanks to all at Autonomy Care for providing such excellent service to my father” (Service User’s son).

What we do –

We can help with:

  • Day to day tasks like shopping, cleaning, laundry.
  • Getting out and about to do your own shopping, social visits or appointments for business or clinical matters.
  • Personal Care support include help getting up in the morning – selecting clothes,using the toilet, having a wash, shower or bath and personal grooming.
  • Eating well and getting enough to drink is vital for life and we can help with meal preparation and supplying drinks throughout the day.
  • Medication is a feature of life for many people with ill health and most people can manage that themselves.
  • We can help with a prompt for people with memory problems, or help get tablets out where dexterity is a problem. Under the supervision of GPs or registered nurses, we can undertake additional clinical tasks as required.

We work 7 days a week and 365 days a year to meet your needs when you want them to be met.

This can include a support worker staying with you at home for short periods or on a regular basis.

Autonomy Care - support at home
Support at home
Autonomy Care - support at home with medication
Support at home with medication
Autonomy Care - support at home with mobility
Support at home with mobility

CQC Report: Autonomy Care

‘We have offices based in Wiltshire and most recently a new office open in Worcestershire, where specially designed staff are on hand to cater for individuals bespoke care needs.’

To discuss how our services can help with your needs contact us:
Wiltshire: Telephone: on 01225 613010 Worcestershire: Telephone: on 01684 566395
or Email: via our Contact Page.