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Exalon – Residential care

We have three residential homes, offering accommodation and residential care to adults with Learning Disability on a long term basis.

We provide a safe and stable environment which permits the people who live in our homes to live with dignity, while retaining their individuality and freedom of choice.

We believe all service users have the right to expect care similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their own homes. This of course includes being addressed as they wish and being treated with courtesy at all times.

We believe all our service users are important as individual people. They are able to bring a selection of their own personal possessions and furniture to create a homely atmosphere unique to them. They can invite whoever they choose into their own living space, with privacy for personal discussions at any reasonable time (provided that it is not detrimental to their well being and is considerate of other people in the home community).

Within the parameters of community living and individual needs, we do our utmost to give each service user control over their own life.

We support individual aspirations for the person at all times and will always seek to make progress towards a greater level of personal independence, even if steps are very small.

Fees are set on the basis of the level of support a person needs as defined by their assessment and care plan and will be subject to a care contract for added security.

For more information regarding the usual range of services included within our base fee click here (opens a PDF file in a new window).

The Oaks, Malvern, living room
The Oaks, Malvern, the living room
The Oaks, Malvern, in the kitchen
The Oaks, Malvern, in the kitchen

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