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Social Care is a relationship based sector and therefore the staff who work in it are key to the success of the work. The Exalon Autonomy group feels the same way and wants to be the best it can be. To do this we have to find, recruit, train and retain the very best people we can find.

For younger staff, from eighteen upwards, working with Exalon could be the foundation to a glittering career. For those who want to climb, there is no reason why you should not progress as far as you want.

The work we do is complex and demanding but is also rewarding. When the people we support make progress in any area of their life, we feel some of their pleasure. There are routines to good practice that we rely on and expect our staff to fulfil.

All of our staff undertake DBS checks and from April 2015, will be expected to achieve a Care Certificate before they commence work if they are new to Social Care. We also welcome mature and experienced or qualified people looking for a change.

If you are interested in joining our team please see our Vacancies page.

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It’s a rewarding profession

To discuss how our services can help with your needs contact us by Telephone: on 01225 613020 or Email: via our Contact Page.