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Autonomy – Supported living

Supported Living is a widely used way of helping a disabled person to maintain and develop their independence. Most of the work is done ‘with’ the person, rather than ‘for’ them and is usually following a plan that is written with the person, their family and friends and reviewed with their social worker at least once a year.

Support can be delivered throughout the day and across the range of daily living, personal business, employment, educational and recreational tasks that make up ordinary life.

People using these services may also receive a Direct Payment to fund their support or, more often a Personal Budget.

Exalon Autonomy have become specialist in the area of Learning Disability support across its business and continues to maintain the knowledge, skill and competency of its staff through ongoing professional development.

Fees for this service are set based on tasks required in the assessment and care plan along with the amount of hours of support provided through the week.

Autonomy - supported living
Supported living

‘We have offices based in Wiltshire and most recently a new office open in Worcestershire, where specially designed staff are on hand to cater for individuals bespoke care needs.’

To discuss how our services can help with your needs contact us:
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