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The Oaks – Malvern

The Oaks is a home in Malvern providing support for up to 8 people. This consists of a large and spacious main house for up to 6 people and an additional ground floor apartment particularly directed at those with the greatest needs. The Oaks has a proven track record and a strong community spirit. We are conveniently placed for road and rail transport.

We pride ourselves in having a long established and highly trained staff team, which enables us to provide services for those people that have more complex needs including specialist support for:

  • Autism and those with complex autistic disorders
  • Associated mental health disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Complex behaviours that may challenge

Our service is specifically designed to cater for individuals in a highly person centred manner. We have a range of services and strategies that can help service users to manage complex behaviours including:

  • Structured behavioural management strategies and reactive strategies
  • Using skills from Dialectal behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • The use of positive and applied approaches to behaviours
  • Intensive support plans that effectively manage risk without being risk adverse and supporting people to take appropriate risk
  • We actively monitor, review and encourage positive behaviours by using Differential reinforcement schedules, RAG data
  • Assessing and encouraging independence wherever possible
  • Partnership working with other specialists.

We work in partnership with service users and their families to ensure a holistic approach to care and support.

The team in this home has developed particular skills in co-operation with commissioning authorities and the multi disciplinary teams to understand and facilitate change in the behaviour of residents who have had placement failures elsewhere.

A ground floor apartment on site provides 2 of the beds in an accessible and discrete facility, particularly designed for those with the greatest needs.

Welcome to the Oaks - Malvern
Welcome to the Oaks
Hanging out at the Oaks - Malvern
Hanging out at the Oaks
The Oaks - Malvern
The Oaks Malvern

CQC Report: The Oaks – Malvern

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