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Working with Exalon

Exalon is a residential provider working with a small number of people with Learning Disability in homes in Wiltshire and Worcestershire who have complex needs. We employ managers, assistant managers, shift leaders and support workers as well as auxiliary staff. All staff are subject to DBS checks and must have a standard level of mandatory training before beginning work.

Opportunities are part time and full time and include hours across the 24 hours of the day and at weekends.

The work is relationship based, requiring good interpersonal, communication and language skills. Staff must also be literate and able to maintain good records of activity. We value qualifications that will evidence skills and support staff in developing their skills.

Working with Exalon - The staff at head office in Devizes
The staff at head office in Devizes

To discuss how our services can help with your needs contact us by Telephone: on 01225 613020 or Email: via our Contact Page.